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The following projects were selected for Supply Chain Award Start-ups 2017


Transmate helps shippers, carriers and consignees to collaborate, connect and optimize their supply chain. Transmate is a cloud based platform that allows easy information sharing and improves processes between the different value chain members ranging from shipment data (such as track & trace) and document exchange to optimized rate tendering, rate management and freight audits. Transmate extends the visibility in your operations through smart integration, web platform and mobile driver app for instant information exchange.



The most simple assets are often taken for granted, but can be the hardest ones to manage efficiently (think of pallets, trailers, ...). Sensolus provides a solution for managing these non-powered assets that are key in the supply chain. Sensolus' STICKNTRACK is a simple tracking service consisting of a tracker and an online platform, that allows you to track the location, motion and usage of your non-powered assets. It allows companies to get a clear and simple overview of the whereabouts of their assets and to optimize their logistics by analyzing the gathered data. Using only 3 AA batteries it lasts up to 5 years, which makes it extremely energy efficient, super easy to install and an easily scalable product.



Today 60% of transport operators admit working with a limited number of service providers. 75% of the consulted logistic managers admit having an >80% routine time spend. And even more surprisingly: 85% of the consulted CFO’s admit working without relevant reporting or insights. Keeping control and keeping transport data in your own hands is what PhiRater is all about. PhiRater’s powerful rating engine facilitates transport management. With relevant transport data from several companies in different industries, PhiRater wants to become the leading opensource transport contract management tool.


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