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The following projects were selected for the Supply Chain Award - Project of the Year 2017

De Meuter and Mergroup with 'Asset track'

De Meuter needed a solution to track their assets. Mergroup found the solution in RFID tags, which contain large autonomy, are very small and easy to install on assets. Meanwhile De Meuter has been already equiped with more than 4000 assets with these tags. In 2017 Mergroup combined the track and trace module and the RFID reader on a drone. This makes it easy to track materials on large yards, sites, fields, ... While inspecting the yard from up above, customers are having a view on all their assets at the same time.

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Agfa Healthcare with 'SAM4Customers'

The tool being deployed is a mix of changes in software development processes, pre-sales, sales and support processes, a reporting tool using information from the quotation tool, SAP and Service. The SAM team of specialists will do recommendations, fix the rules and optimize the cost in existing and future contracts for third party software. Their role is also to edit the compliance checks in the quotation tools and to secure the right ordering and reporting of third party support contracts.

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Pfizer Global Supply Chain with ‘end-to-end In-transit Visibility’

Pfizer is setting the new pharma industry standard by implementing the TrackiT mobile app, the first of its kind in the industry. Supporting the “Highly Orchestrated Supply Network (HOSuN)” Program, the app creates full and near real-time visibility on in-transit shipments from internal and external supply locations to market affiliates.

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Solvay with ‘Supply Chain Academy’

The Supply Chain Academy has been built by and for the GBUs (Global Business Unit) of the group, in order to strengthen the effectiveness and add value to support their GBU Roadmaps. This Academy contributes a lot to the total Supply Chain process improvements in terms of quality, safety, and costs. Supported by the Solvay Corporate University, the Supply Chain Academy is enhancing key expertise of the whole professional Supply Chain family and also support individual career developments.

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JBC and Leyton with ‘non sales optimization’

JBC holds a stock of more than 1 000 different “non sales” SKUs in their warehouse such as store equipment and office supplies in their warehouse. The central warehouse collects all needs of the stores by webtool, mail or phone and starts picking. Every night there is a fleet of truck transport from the warehouse to the stores for the clothing consolidated with the “non sales” items. The focus is on the realisation, implementation and execution of change management.

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