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Since 2016 we added a Start-Up SC Award to the competition of the Supply Chain Award-Project of the Year.

Start-Up companies, the future of supply chain management

The professional organizations VIB and PICS Belgium want to enable a head start for new companies with innovating ideas in the area of supply chain management.
VIB and PICS want to provide market exposure to the award winners and to the nominees, making their innovative supply chain concepts available to other companies cooperating with the supply chain award winners.

Every day entrepreneurs come with new ideas which can affect supply chains in the future.

Start-Up Supply Chain Award

The contending Start-Up markets, products or services that are directly linked with logistics and/or supply chain or the Start-Up has supply chain management as a differentiator in its product/service or business model.

The Start-Up exists at least 2 years and maximum 5 years as a Belgian legal entity.

The winner of the Start-Up SC Award will be announced at the Gala Award Event on November 23rd at AED Studios Lint.