As VIB and PICS Belgium celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Supply Chain Awards, they granted a special award among the previous winners (both Project of the Year and Prize of the Audience): the Best Achievement Award for Continuous Supply Chain Optimization.

These companies submitted an updated project file (with info about the continuous improvement, roll out to other divisions/extension of scope and their drive to further supply chain optimization) and were in the running for the award (winner indicated in green).

  • Agfa with sustainability through recycling via collaborative supply chain

    In 2014, Agfa Graphics launched a revolutionary business model (called NoA) for Offset printing plates, shifting its value proposition from a Product to a Service. While keeping the ownership of the aluminum during its full life-cycle, and hence avoiding its downgrading, Agfa provides a more sustainable solution supporting the circular economy and generating benefits (profitability, working capital, risk management…) for all parties in the supply chain. A tool was developed to monitor the aluminum commodity market and scrap value fluctuations to ensure profit optimization. (more info)

  • ESC2XL with ECS European Containers & 2XL in Supply Chain

    The innovative DCS concept proofs that environmental friendly solutions can also result in cost savings in the supply chain and has convinced every single retailer in UK. The position of Zeebrugge as a very flexible short sea port to the UK, gives ECS-2XL the possibilities to organise a European based port centric logistic solution for the UK. (more info)

  • Flemish Government/Public-Sourcing/Connecting-Expertise with Innovative MSP and Marketplace concept for hiring temporary IT-profiles for all entities of the Flemish Government

    The innovative concept with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a powerful Vendor Management System (VMS) and a large supplier database (Marketplace) for hiring temporary IT-profiles, for all entities of the Flemish Government and the local authorities, introduced in 2014 has been a huge success. A large number of organizations continued to use the program and during the period 2014-2018 the number of customers and the total amount of VTE’s provided by the MSP/VMS model has shown a continuous growth. This year the Flemish government introduced an optimized , second generation contract to provide continuity to the existing customer base. The capability to reach almost directly the complete market of IT profiles active in our region, including freelancers, results in very fast fulfillment of the requests and a high fulfillment rate. (more info)

  • Janssen Pharmaceutica with Global Planning Concept Design: Harmonizing a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    In 2013, the Janssen Supply Chain Global Planning team presented results from a Global Planning Concept Design (GPCD) project that had begun the prior year. The case for action had become very clear following a Voice of the Customer exercise. There was a need to harmonize the JSC planning processes across our 18 global production sites, and results were delivered across three areas: Patient, People and Financial. Since that time, the JSC Global Planning team has continued on its journey with GPCD, changed its organizational structure and begun the implementation of a fully automated and integrated E2E planning system across all its 18 sites around the world. The project, called ‘Olympus’, ultimately went live on October 1t this year. (more info)

  • Pfizer with End-To-End In-Transit Visibility TrackiTMobile App

    Pfizer’s end-to-end in-transit visibility global “TrackiT” App was initially conceived in 2016 and then rolled out in 2017/2018 through a cross functional team of innovative operational and business technology supply chain colleagues. It is currently used by over 1,000 colleagues across its global supply network to track over 18,000 healthcare SKUs with focus on the customer and patient. This in-house conceived and developed App is driving the latest supply chain visibility technology platform to meet the needs of Pfizer’s Highly Orchestrated Supply Network (HOSuN) through leverage of in-house and freight provider ERP systems, milestones and analytics. Colleagues now open the TrackiT App or launch the web link and view the same near real-time shipment visibility information at any given time, wherever they are located around the globe and whatever time zone they may be. (more info)

  • Umicore with Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

    As a materials technology and recycling group, Umicore develops products and processes that are essential to address key societal challenges such as the need for cleaner mobility and the growing scarcity of raw materials. Our drive to be a leader in sustainability is not just about minimizing the impact of our industrial operations, our aim is to have a positive impact on society at large. (more info)

Janssen Pharmaceutica won the Best Achievement Award for Continuous Supply Chain Optimization.

*The winner of the award was determined by:

  • The jury (40%)
  • Online voting (20%)
  • The audience (40%)