Since 2004, VIB and PICS Belgium hand out a Project of the Year Award during the Supply Chain Awards.

With this award, they want to:

  • Create a forum for supply chain projects to gain more attention from management and executives in Belgian companies and public sector;
  • Stimulate companies to invest more often in projects that improve the service level and efficiency of their supply chain;
  • Acknowledge best practices in supply chain projects integrating aspects of procurement as well as warehousing-, production- and distribution logistics. 


Project: Real time visibility and automated communication in the shipping process

Presented by:
Martin Ring, COO, Damco  
Frederik Schottey, Founder and CEO, Mileviewer

Clients increasingly demand transparency in the form of milestone updates.  But freight forwarding is very complex.  There are countless stakeholders in the process and geographical fragmentation results in difficult and scattered information.  The biggest challenge for Damco was to create an overview of all shipments. This was tackled by reviewing internal processes and implementing Mileviewer’s shipping software.

Project: The journey towards sustainable logistics and a smart supply chain

Presented by:
Laurent Colanbeen, Business Development Manager, Stukwerkers Group – ITG
Michiel Rouw, Logistics Director EMEA, Eastman Chemical 
Franky Veryser, Director, Global Supply Chain, Alkyl Amines – Eastman Chemicals

Stukwerkers started an inland shipping container service from its Interface Terminal Gent (ITG) at North Sea Port to and from the deep-sea ports to attract (local) shippers and help them transform their logistics and supply chain into a more sustainable and smarter one. They launched a pioneer project with local shipper Eastman Chemical to realise such a transformation. The project resulted in more sustainable logistics characterized by operational efficiency and a smarter supply chain through the use of a data-driven software application.

Project: Supply Chain 2.0 – Breaking Silo’s internally and across the network

Presented by:
Christoph Pfyffer, Manager P&S Supply Chain Management, Engie
Johan De Roeck, Supply Chain Manager Smart & connected objects, Engie
Herbert Destuyver, Supply Chain Manager Heating & Solar, Engie
Tom Codron, Associate Partner, Solvint

Engie wants to be the leader of the zero carbon transition as a service. 
To address these ambition and the society needs, Engie is transforming itself from a traditional energy supplier into a partner accompanying its clients towards a more sustainable world. This strategic shift results in an overall transformation program, with among others the introduction of supply chain management activities, which impacted all aspects of the value chain. Significant operational efficiencies and improvement in customer satisfaction were achieved. The organization has turned into a customer & process driven team with a mindset for continuous improvement.

Project: End-to-End supply chain visibility using real-time TMS

Presented by:
Michael Ahner, Head of Logistics Europe, Sony Interactive entertainment
Jonathan Raemdonck, Head of Growth, SupplyStack

Customer experience has become crucial in order to acquire or retain customers. They are often more influenced by their supply chain experience than other types of interactions. As a global player, Sony I.E. has a substantial and complex supply chain, with stakeholders across different continents and time zones within the internal supply chain organization as well as with external parties. They turned to SupplyStack to help them digitalize their supply chain, and make it more transparent and manageable.