Since 2004, VIB and PICS Belgium hand out a Project of the Year award during the Supply Chain Awards.

With this award, they want to:

  • Create a forum for supply chain projects to gain more attention from management and executives in Belgian companies and public sector;
  • Stimulate companies to invest more often in projects that improve the service level and efficiency of their supply chain;
  • Acknowledge best practices in supply chain projects integrating aspects of procurement as well as warehousing-, production- and distribution logistics. 


These were the finalists of this year's Project of the Year (winner indicated in green):

  • Biocartis
    Living in the fast track, Creating a Global E2E Supply Chain in over one year in a starting Molecular Diagnostic Company
  • Delhaize/Euro Pool System
    The Reverse Logistics Distribution Centre of the Future
  • ODTH
    ODTH Smart Warehouse
  • Snack Food Poco Loco/Logflow
    New Lean and Green Highbay Warehouse
  • Wase werkplaats/MURIS

Delhaize and Euro Pool System won the award in 2018
with the project ‘The Reverse Logistics Distribution Centre of the Future’.