Since 2016 VIB and PICS Belgium added a Start-Up award to the competition of the Supply Chain Awards.


VIB and PICS Belgium want to enable a head start for new companies with innovating ideas in the area of supply chain management.

We want to provide market exposure to the award winners and to the nominees, making their innovative supply chain concepts available to other companies cooperating with the supply chain award winners.

Every day entrepreneurs come with new ideas which can affect supply chains in the future. 


These were the finalists of this year's Start-up of the Year (winner indicated in green):

  • ARTL4L
"ART4L is the leading company creating Augmented Reality solutions for Logistics. With our visual based solutions, we make picking and sorting processes hands- and error free.

We help our customers to integrate our productivity environment into their processes and systems and deploy it on different devices like Smart Glasses, Beamers, Wrist Computers and Tablets."

  • BME
    BME - a qualitative E-fulfillment provider

    "BME is an E-fulfillment company with a strong focus on IT integration, so all logistic data is automatically generated to manage stock, handle and ship orders. The result is that we are flexibel in fulfilling all type of orders (BtoC and BtoB) for all possible sales channels from one warehouse.This end- to- end integration gives us the possibility to focus on the uniqueness of each of our customers. Outsourcing a logistic operation is a strategic choice!"

  • Fit Things

    "Fit Things is a young company that turns problems into opportunities, with a focus on packaging. Our first product is a unique solution that allows anyone to make their own bespoke boxes on demand. Specifically designed for SME’s (fits in an office environment). But it can also serve large organizations that sometimes need to fulfill special shapes and dimensions. It reduces packaging and transport costs dramatically and it lowers the company’s ecological footprint."


Fit Things won the award in 2018 with Slimbox.